Previous County Meath Stairlift Installations

We take great pride in the stairlifts we install for our customers. Please browse a sample of straight and curved stairlift installations from across County Meath.


The customer in Ashourne chose the Handicare Freecurve Elegance.  The Freecurve Elegance has two available configurations. Configuration 1, the Rembrandt, follows a path around the internal bend (normally, the banister side). Confoguration 2, the Van Gogh, follows the outside of the bend (normally, the wall side).  The customer opted for the internal bend and the overhead image shows you the neatness of the stairlift installation.


The customer chose the Handicare 2000 Style curved stairlift which is a step up from the Simplicity model. The 2000 Style features the tightest track bends in the industry.

As with all Handicare curved stairlfits, the 2000 was custom built to suit the customer’s stairs. 

The Handicare 2000 Style offers 3 different colour variations along with an optional powered swivel and powered footplate. The 2000 Style also features an optional heavy-duty kit that caters for weights up to 137kg (21.5st.)


The folding function of a stairlift is equally as important to other users of the stairs. In many instances, the stairlift is used by one person in the home, while the other person(s) is able bodied to be able to use the stairs freely.

This installation in Duleek is the Handicare 1100. From the pictures you can see how neat and tidy the stairlift is, and how it is expertly fitted close to the wall on the stairs.

The folding function of the stairlift maximises free space by folding the stairlift up. Both the footplate and seat can be folded up to increase available space leaving the staircase as clear as possible for other users.



The Handicare stairlifts are designed to cope with the layout challenges of most homes. In this instance, the customer did not want the stairlift extending into their hallway.

They were able to overcome this challenge by selecting the Handicare Freecurve with a powered hinged track. The powered hinged track extends when you go downstairs, and folds up when you go upstairs or want to park the lift out of the way, allowing clear access on the lower level. 


A really good example of the simplicity of the Handicare 1100 stairlift. This elegant stairlift has the slimmest rail in the market. If your space is small and narrow, as in this customer’s home, this is the best option.

Also, from arrival to departure at the customer’s home, it took out expert fitter just under two hours to install the Handicare 1100 stairlift.


This stairlift installation required two curves and with the Freecurve Elegance, you have two available configurations. The Rembrandt follows a path around the internal bend (normally, the banister side) and the Van Gogh follows the outside of the bend (normally, the wall side).  The customer opted for the internal bend and the overhead image shows you the neatness of the stairlift installation.


Our customer in Kells purchased the straight 1100 stairlift with the slimmest rail in the market. The Handicare 1100 comes with many benefits including grease-free rails, swivel seats and safety sensors as standard. If your space is small and narrow, this is a great option as you can see from the customer’s home.

One of the most common questions relates to laying the stairlift on to carpet. In this instance, the customer had new carpet fittted only weeks before the stairlfit and was naturally concerned.

Our stairlift engineers have many years experience and have fitted thousands of stairlfits. As the brackets hold the stairlift track above the floor, it will not damage the carpet. The support screws also go through the carpet, so there is no need for the carpet to be lifted and refitted.


With this Handicare Freecurve installation, the client selected the Handicare 2000 model. Each Handicare 2000 is custom built based off the specific parameters of your home’s architecture to ensure it fits tightly against your wall, ensuring your staircase is left with the maximum amount of space.


This is a very neat and tidy example of the Handicare 1100 straight stairlift. The house was renovated some 15 years previously and the homeowners elected for a contemporary design and had an open riser stairs custom made.

The vertical part of the stair between each step is called the riser. Generally, staircases that have these are called closed tread stairs. In this instance, the staircase didn’t have them. This style is called the open riser variety.

​The customer’s main concern was how the new stairlift would fit on the stairs and also, how would it look. As you can see, the new stairlift fits neatly and looks great alongside the open riser staircase.


 The customer faced two challenges. Recovering from back surgery, they were very much immobile and depended on carer assistance for most of their daily tasks. The installation of the Handicare Curved stairlift gave them back a significant level of independence. The made-to-measure stairlift ran all the way to door of their en-suite bedroom.

Second challenge was that the front door opened into the landing space of the stairs. Our stairlift engineer was able to add a turn that presented the chair onto the hallway so that there was no interference when the front door is in use.

It’s worth mentioning that the customer was able to see a 3D model of the stairs as it would look fitted in their home. An integral component of our Free Home Assessment is the Handicare 3D- photographic survey systems (PhotoSurvey). This specially developed electronic system maximises the accuracy of a curved staircase survey whilst minimizing the time needed to carry it out.

Cards are placed on and around the stairs and photographed. Our specialist software measures these images to create an accurate 3D model of your staircase so the track is designed to fit your staircase perfectly.


As you can see from the gallery images, the customer requested to keep the handrail. The reason was the customer’s partner was still able to use the stairs and was keen for the stairlift not to impact here use of the handrail.

The solution was the Handicare 1100. With the slimmest rail in the market it works perfectly in this instance. Both users of the stairs are accommodated for. You can see how the stairlift can be parked at the bottom of the stairs, thus giving free access to the stairs to any other user.

All Handicare 1100 stairlifts come with two remote controls and you can see how the remote is mounted for easy access at the top of the stairs.

What is of note here is that not all straight staircases are the same width. This particular house is a relatively small and very old dwelling and not much consideration was given back them to having a wide staircase as it would mean less space in the main living space downstairs.


This is a Handicare 2000 curved stairlift installation for a customer just outside Slane. This curved stairlift installation is another great example of how unique each curved staircase is. Space is at a premium at the bottom of the stairs and the Handicare 2000 allows the customer to simply alight from the chair straight into the hallway.

The precision of the installation is made possible by the Handicare 3D modelling software that we employ. The 3D modelling is completed by our expert engineer who is able to show you a 3D plan of your staircase, along with a render of the curved stairlift, measured to the millimetre for a perfect fit.


This is a Handicare 1100 straight stairlift with a powered swivel seat. The customer is able to swivel the chair to face away from the stairs on to the landing, and this is done by simply continuing to hold the hand control or using the remote.

In this stairlift installation, we recommended the Handicare Slide as it automatically moves the track clear of any obstacles while the stairlift moves into a parked position. As you can see, this option is ideal in this instance as access is required through doorways close to bottom of the staircase.

Note the neatness of the stairlift on the carpet. There is no need to lift a carpet when a stairlift is being installed. The stairlift sits neatly on top of the carpet.

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